Harmful Organisms and EU policy on Plant Health

Emilia Markellou       Opening address: REGPOT-BPI Plant-Heal 230010 pdf
Sara Tramontini          Plant health risk assessment at EFSA pdf
Nikos Koulis               Phytosanitary control in Greece: present and future pdf
Alan MacLeod           An overview of Plant Health Alert Systems, examples and perspectives from a national, EU and EPPO scale pdf
Olia Karadjova           Plant Health in Bulgaria: Current Infrastructure and Activities pdf
Maria M. Lopez         Are quarantine plant pathogenic bacteria prevented in the EU? pdf
Dionyssios Perdikis    Regulation of invertebrates as biological control agents pdf
Mariano Cambra        Recent and emerging risks of quarantine viruses in relation to their insect vectors pdf
Dimitris Kontodimas, Antonios Michaelakis and Dimitris Papachristos
                                     Invasive pests in Greece during the last decade, current status and emerging threats pdf
Dimitrios Lascaris      Threats from harmful fungal pathogens to agriculture in Greece pdf
Panagiotis Petrakis    Ιnvasive forest insect pests in Greece pdf
Constantinos Giannopolitis    The risk of alien plant species invading Greece pdf
Panagiotis Tsopelas              Major threats to forest ecosystems of Greece by exotic fungal pathogens pdf
Olia Karadjova            EUPHRESCO…We will find solutions! Transnational Plant Health Research Coordination and Collaboration pdf
Eirini Karanastasi       Current status of quarantined plant parasitic nematodes present in Greece and future threats from invasive species pdf
Oscar Dembilio Vives    Research on the control of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus and its implementation in practice in Spain pdf
Alan MacLeod             The who, what, where, when, why and how of pest risk analysis pdf