Centre of Plant Protection and Biotechnology. Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA). Moncada (Valencia), Spain.

 IVIA is a public research institution dedicated to agricultural sciences. The origin of IVIA goes back to the Station of Plant Pathology (1924). Today, IVIA is an autonomous institution of the Regional Government of Valencia and its aim is to stimulate scientific research and technological development in the agro-food sector. The institution with a permanent staff close to 500 people is organized in seven Centres. In the REGPOT project the Centre of Plant Protection and Biotechnology is directly involved. The groups and laboratories of Bacteriology, Biological Indexing, Entomology, Genetic Transformation and Virology-Immunology will participate. The laboratories of Bacteriology and Virology-Immunology are the Reference Laboratories of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and both groups have 30 years experience in research and on serological and molecular detection and characterization of plant pathogens and are experts in the management of quarantine pathogens under biosecurity P2 and P3 facilities.

The group of Biological Indexing is in charge of the sanitary control of all mother citrus plants for the Spanish nurseries and has expertise in the design and maintenance of greenhouse and screenhouse facilities. The Entomology group is leading the integrated and biological control against several Mediterranean pests and has expertise in molecular techniques applied to entomological purposes. The Genetic Transformation group has expertise in vitro tissue-culture and production of transgenic woody plants and related topics including risk assessment in field conditions. All groups are leading the applied research and management of plant pathogens and pests in Spain and have participated in international projects, expert-groups, co-operation and consultancies related to this topic.

Principal Staff involved:

Prof. Mariano Cambra, Prof. Nuria Duran-Vila and Dr. Antonio Olmos, research plant virologists and epidemiologists experts in the design of serological and molecular diagnosis of plant viruses and viroids. Members of the RE-LAB national group for biosafety. Authors of diagnostic protocols adopted by EPPO and by the IPDP / FAO. Their role in the project is the establishment of methodologies for the detection and quantification of plant viruses, viroids and phytoplasmas included in EU quarantine lists.