The main objectives of  BPI Plant-Heal are:

  • Improvement of BPIs greenhouse infrastructure by constructing a containment (P2/3) greenhouse for research purposes. This will complement the high technology equipment that BPI already possesses towards the development of advanced control strategies against both indigenous and non-indigenous pests. It will also facilitate the study of the epidemiology, biology, host range and host susceptibility, particularly of non-indigenous organisms.

  • Training of BPIs staff on novel technologies and techniques in three well-established European Centres of Excellence (UNEW, INRA and IVIA).

  • Transfer of advanced know-how from European Centres of Excellence to BPI.

  • Recruitment of experienced researchers who will contribute towards the achievement of  the project targets.

  • Dissemination of acquired knowledge related to molecular techniques to Regional Research Organizations with emphasis on those of neighboring countries and also to Crop Protection Industry and Hellenic Mandated Bodies.